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BRB, Questioning Every Assumption I Ever Made About Moby-Dick

I first read Moby-Dick in tenth grade, when I was fifteen.  We were given a list of “classic novels” and told to choose one from the list for each semester (two if the page count for one of them added up … Continue reading

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In Which I Impute Some Thoughts on Theory of Mind to a Self-Reflexive Actor

Today has been one of those days in which time goes twice as fast as it ought, with the result that it is noon and I am only just sitting down with stacks of research.As part of the Epic Quest … Continue reading

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Can the (Autistic) Subaltern Speak?

Some months ago, I shelved this paper topic.  I did so for several reasons. I didn’t know quite what I was trying to say; I had a sneaking suspicion I ought to be focusing on something that more clearly related … Continue reading

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