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Greetings, bibliophiles!  I had a much-needed doctor’s appointment today, followed by a highly successful trip to a few local (“local” to my doctor but not my house, that is) thrift stores, which I’ll squee about in an upcoming separate post.  Meanwhile, here are a few links to book-related goodness online.

The American Library Association has oodles of online learning stuff.  Great for those of us who harbor secret wishes to become librarians but don’t have the financial resources to go back to graduate school.  *shakes fist at law school loans*

I showed this to the boyfriend and he agreed: our next house will be made of bookshelves.  I’m a little concerned about sun damage from those windows, though – any ideas?

Speaking of the boyfriend, I win a point in our endless “E-Books Will Replace Paper Books (him) versus No They Won’t (me)” battle, because the Internet Archive is now backing up its digital book collection on paper.  Also: did you know government cheese is stored in a former gypsum mine in Kansas?  I learned that in middle school, so I don’t even know if that’s true.

Books 2 Barcodes has invented an even more baffling version of James Joyce’s Ulysses.  WARNING: this page takes FOREVAH to load.

The 2011 Nero Award Finalists are out!  Who’s your pick?

BEST BOOK NEWS EVER (today): Shelf Awarness now has a newsletter for Readers!  This is especially excellent because I think that’s where my reviews will end up.  Which is why you should totes subscribe, yo.


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