Girl Scout Handbooks: A(nother) Note on Appraisal

1947. From my personal collection. Background courtesy of our linen closet.

I’ve had a steady trickle of commenters asking if I can give them a price estimate for their vintage Girl Scout handbooks for several months now, and I suspect that number is about to skyrocket, seeing as the blog and I are to be featured in the March 2012 issue of TREASURES magazine.

I’ll be getting back to you individually soon, if I can, but right now here is the deal: I cannot, unfortunately, give you an accurate appraisal without seeing your particular handbook.  I am, however, willing to have a look at and particularly-appraise your particular handbook, for a modest fee; drop me a line via the blog or via Twitter (@danialexis).

For those of you who don’t want to go that far, I will be continuing my series on appraising Girl Scout handbooks soon!  Part One is herePart Two will look at the more commonly-available books and what they’re currently selling for, so you can take a shot at estimating the value of yours on your own.  Part Three will cover the less-commonly-available books, and Part Four will focus on the peripheral publications, like novels, songbooks, the Mariner Scout and Wing Scout manuals, and the Studio2B materials.  I’ll update this post with links as they become available.

Also upcoming, in the Girl Scout-related realm:

As my grandad used to say, don’t touch that dial!