Feline Friday: Fizzgig’s Top Five Children’s Books Featuring Cats

Image by guest blogger Fizzgig, a Friendly Editor

Hi!  Do you like children’s books?  I like children’s books!  I like them almost as much as I like my mousie!  And I like them almost ALMOST as much as when Mom throws my mousie across the room and I runrunrun after it and then I kill it and then I present it to Mom and then she throws it again!  RUNRUNRUN!

…Wait, what was I saying?

Oh, right!  Children’s books!  Here are Mom’s top five favorite children’s books featuring everyone’s favorite critters: us!  I know these are her favorites because she keeps them on that bookshelf in the living room I’m not allowed to nap on.  I haven’t napped there in, like, two whole days.  Actually, a nap sounds fantastic.  Here are the books I’m napping with:

Image  1.  THE BABY BLUE CAT AND THE DIRTY DOG BROTHERS, by Ainslie Pryor.  Unlike his well-washed siblings, the Baby Blue Cat just can’t manage NOT to come home from a day of fun with his friends, the Dirty Dog Brothers, without being so covered in mud and dust that Mama Cat can’t even tell if he’s really hers!

Mom says if I ever come home this dirty, it’ll be straight into the tub for me, too.  But I think she’s joking about that.  Just like when she says that if I don’t stop chewing on the plants, she’ll turn me into stir fry. That’s silly!  How could she make those gloves she’s always threatening to make out of my fur if she turned me into stir fry instead?



2.  THE CHRISTMAS DAY KITTEN, by James Herriot.  This is my personal favorite of all Mom’s favorite children’s books featuring cats.  Debbie is a little black kitty, just like my mamma, who finds a nice warm home and a kindly human just in time to give birth to her big strong baby boy kitten – just like me!  It’s during Catmas, which is the time of year when humans bring trees indoors for climbing and scratching, and then cover them in cat toys for stealing and chewing.  Then they open boxes for hiding, and adorn them with ribbons for pouncing, and they finish up the day by leaving a big turkey dinner unattended on the dining room table.  I wish Catmas came more than once a year!  Mom also has a copy of JAMES HERRIOT’S CAT STORIES, which I guess are all also about cats, only not Catmas cats.

Image3.  FOUR LITTLE KITTENS, by Kathleen Daly and Adriana Saviozzi.  If there’s anything better in the world than a Little Golden Book for rubbing your face against until your teeth click, I don’t know what it is!

The Four Little Kittens are learning from their Mama Cat what kind of cats they can grow up to be.  One becomes an Alley Cat, and one becomes a Ship’s Cat, and one becomes a Barn Cat (like my own mamma!), but the last one – well, I can proudly say just like the last one:

“I’m a cushion and cream cat, a purring cat, a cuddlesome cat, a playful cat, a little girl’s cat – I’m a House Cat!”

Image 4. THE CAT IN THE HAT, by Dr. Seuss.  Here is a TRUE STORY from just now: Dad said we should totally include this book in our list, but Mom scoffed.  SHE said that the Cat in the Hat was a meddlesome jerk and just who did he think he is, anyway?  I think Mom is taking lessons from the Fish in the Pot, because I think this book is kind of awesome.  I definitely do not like to sit in the house when Mom is out.  I like to have lots of fun that is funny!  I like to chase things and balance on things and occasionally fall off of things or push things and watch THEM fall off of things and knock things over and shuffle things around and hide things under other things and chew things and scratch things and chase things and pounce on things and even eat things!  (Mom says I should not eat things I find on the carpet.  How silly!  Eating the fuzzies on the carpet is what keeps kittens fuzzy!  Sometimes I think Mom doesn’t know much about cats at all.)

Image 5. CHESSIE, THE RAILROAD KITTEN by Thomas Dixon.  Back in the 1930s, the Chesapeake & Ohio railroad had an ad campaign: “Sleep Like a Kitten and Wake Up Fresh as a Daisy.”  (The Chesapeake and Ohio merged with some other railroads in 1972 to become the Chessie System.  See, I know about lots more than just fetching mousies!)  I don’t know what happened to the daisy bit, but people naturally LOVED the kitten, so pretty soon she was starring in all KINDS of railroad advertisements and even this book!  Her name was Chessie, short for “Chesapeake.”  She even had two kittens, Nip and Tuck!  I bet we would have been best friends who pounced and chewed on each other’s tails all the time.

My favorite part of this book is that it’s Mom’s favorite children’s book that’s not a “children’s book” to her – she discovered it while hunting through the books in the farmhouse where I was born!  I guess there’s also an awesome first edition of something called LITTLE WOMEN and A TREE GROWS IN BROOKLYN up there, whatever those are.  They’re inside the glass bookshelves where that evil Looking-Glass Kitten lives.  Someday I’m going to catch that cat, and then I’ll show him what’s what!

These are my favorite books on which to sleep.  What are yours?


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  1. therelentlessreader says:

    Four Little Kittens 🙂 I had that when I was a kidlet…awww memories!

  2. jmwanderer says:

    Four Little Kittens was one of my favorites, too, when I was a kid. Wonderful tale about kittens and about finding your place in the world. (Still looking for my own place in the world.)

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