A Challenge: Blog Every Day in August.

I don't have a good writing-themed photo handy on Instagram, so here is Gracie eating watermelon while Fizzgig LOLs.

I don’t have a good writing-themed photo handy on Instagram, so here is Gracie eating watermelon while Fizzgig LOLs.

I’m in.

Natalie, the wonder behind On the Tudor Trail, has offered up this challenge for August: blog something each day.  Normally I wouldn’t be up for this, because let’s face it – “blog something once a month” has become a challenge for me lately.


1.  Natalie has made this super-easy by providing the topics.  All I have to do is blather type.  I can blather type!

2.  A sudden onslaught of “articles I ran across at random but that all told me the same thing” has informed me that blogging is good practice for academics.  Not that it’s tenure-track material, necessarily, but it forces you to think on your feet and focus your thoughts.  Or so I hear.

I’m back in the classroom (on both sides of the podium!) immediately after Labor Day, so I figure 31 days of blogging consistently ought to get me back in the habit.

If you want to join in, the topics are available at Natalie’s site (see link above), and I’ve also pasted them under the fold.  She’d also like to know who’s in, so drop her a line!

Day 1, Thursday. The story of your life in 250 words

Day 2, Friday. Five things about you that most people don’t know

Day 3, Saturday. A treasured memory

Day 4, Sunday. An embarrassing moment

Day 5, Monday. Something you wish you did really well

Day 6, Tuesday. A favourite quote and why it’s special

Day 7, Wednesday. Five songs that bring back memories

Day 8, Thursday. A guilty pleasure

Day 9, Friday. A regret

Day 10, Saturday.  Opening lines from five favourite books

Day 11, Sunday.  Earliest memory

Day 12, Monday.  A ghost story – yours or someone else’s

Day 13, Tuesday.  Five of your all-time favourite movies

Day 14, Wednesday.  Pictures speak a thousand words – share some cherished photos old & new

Day 15, Thursday.  Around Town – share pics of where you live

Day 16, Friday.  A first – do something that you’ve never done before and share!

Day 17, Saturday. Time Travel – where would you go and why?

Day 18, Sunday. The Bucket List – three things that you’ve achieved

Day 19, Monday. The Bucket List – three things that you are yet to achieve

Day 20, Tuesday.  Three smells that bring back memories

Day 21, Wednesday.  Twenty-one: photos, memories or stories from this year of your life (if you’re not yet 21, choose another age)

Day 22, Thursday.  Online shopping! A list of links to your favourite online stores

Day 23, Friday. Spend $5 (or equivalent) – buy something and share but stay within the budget!

Day 24, Saturday. Learn about something you know nothing about and share five facts

Day 25, Sunday. Describe a recent dream

Day 26, Monday. Ten things that make you smile

Day 27, Tuesday.  Five interview questions for a historical figure

Day 28, Wednesday. Selfie! Share a favourite photo of yourself or take a new one

Day 29, Thursday. A funny memory

Day 30, Friday. A celebrity crush from your youth – spill the beans!

Day 31, Saturday. 10 things that you are grateful for today


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  1. amelie says:

    What a great idea! And Natalie’s blog looks interesting, I’ll have to check it out. I’ve had trouble catching up too. I can’t remember if you were on Vox but they had QotD, question of the day which was always good fodder for conversation.

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