31-Day Blogging Challenge, Day 9: A Regret

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Day 9, Friday.  A regret.

I’ve spent the last six years trying not to regret going to law school, but in many ways, I still do.  I regret not taking a year off entirely, and I regret not getting treatment for my anxiety and depression during that year.  I regret believing everyone who insisted “you can do anything you want with a law degree” and “you’ll always have a job,” and I especially regret that now that the bottom has fallen out of the legal market.  

I regret even more listening to the people who told me that I would never have a job (a) as a writer or (b) with a graduate degree in English. Because, as it turns out, I support myself by writing, and the English-PhDs-out-there to tenure-track-positions ratio is currently about 5:1.  The JDs-out-there to attorney-positions ratio?  About 100:1.

I’m turning it all back around, but I lost seven years in doing it.  And I regret that.


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