First-Year Graduate Student Adventures: Things Just Got Real

I have just returned from picking up my student ID and parking permit.  And I don’t know why things should get real now, as opposed to at any other point before or since.  But here we are.

I’m currently pursuing my M.A. in English from the public university in my hometown.  My goal is to stay in graduate school until I finish my Ph.D.  I can think of several excellent reasons to do my Ph.D. at the same university at which I’m doing my M.A., but the only dispositive reason – because I found someone whom I want to work with through my dissertation – is still up in the air.

(Will I ever stop using words like “dispositive”?  No.  Law school is a forever brainwashing.)

This semester, I am:

  • taking the required first-semester course on teaching freshman composition, or “First-Year Writing” as it’s called here
  • taking a class on Chaucer and chivalry, which fulfills several of my interests simultaneously
  • graduate-assistant-ing one section of the aforementioned First-Year Writing.

Teaching actually excites me more than taking graduate classes.  I haven’t taught freshman composition in almost ten years.  Because I’m in my hometown and the timing is right, there is also a non-zero chance that my students will include one or more of the Girl Scouts I had as campers.  I’ll be delighted if this happens.

My student ID photo is terrible.  I look like a deer in headlights.  That’s about right.

Here we go!


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