31-Day Blogging Challenge, Day 24: Five Facts

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Day 24, Saturday. Learn about something you know nothing about and share five facts.

My 2-year-old cousin has a stuffed shark that she introduced to me as a “cretoxyrhina.”

1.  Cretoxyrhina mantelli, also known as the Ginsu Shark, lived during the Cretaceous Period – about 82 to 100 million years ago.

2.  The most complete current specimen was discovered in 1890 by Charles H. Sternberg, who published his findings in 1907.  The cretoxyrhina gets its name from naturalist Louis Agassiz, who named it in 1843.

3.  Sternberg’s find included a nearly-complete spinal column and over 250 teeth.  The teeth are up to 6 cm long; cretoxyrhina had over 30 teeth in each jaw, per row.

4.  Cretoxyrhina are believed to be ancestors of the great white shark, which is roughly the same size and has many similar physical features.  Including a metric crapton of teeth.

5.  They ate other dinosaurs – usually aquatic species like mosasaurs and plesiosaurs.  They were also the largest sharks in the Cretaceous oceans.


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