31-Day Blogging Challenge, Day 26: Smile

(Check out the full challenge here.)

Day 26, Monday. Ten things that make you smile.

1.  The Husband.

2.  The cats.  Right now, Boy is getting super-excited about some sparrows, while Girl is sleeping on my bookcase.

3.  Adorable cartoons on my Tumblr dash.  There are some hella talented artists on Tumblr!

4.  Being up for the sunrise – when no one else in the neighborhood is.

5.  Pretty much anything involving my nieces.

6.  Fitting a dress pattern juuuuust right.

7.  Skating.  Even on bad days, it’s pretty awesome.

8.  Puns.  This drives my husband nuts.  🙂

9.  When a fresh batch of galleys arrives in the mail.

10.  Being finished with cleaning things.  Not so much during the cleaning – but definitely after.


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