It’s Pecha-Kucha Time!

The first annual Humanities Graduate Student Pecha-Kucha is…somewhere in the future. Three slides, three minutes.

Today was the deadline to submit 150-word-max abstracts in order to participate.  Here’s mine:

“What do we do when our compelling interest in enforcing constitutional rights collides with our compelling interest in protecting child abuse victims from further harm? Crawford v. Washington (2004) held that the Sixth Amendment Confrontation right includes the defendant’s right to be physically present when a witness testifies against the defendant. Maryland v. Craig (1990) held that a child abuse victim can be physically separated from defendant if the child is too afraid to testify in the defendant’s presence. Conventional legal reasoning has not shown us a way out of this impasse; but textual deconstruction, applied in the spirit of “discovery” rather than normative pragmatism, can. Maybe.”


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