#AutismPositivity2014: I Autobiogra-blog

It’s Autism Positivity Day, and I’ve officially joined the #AutismPositivity2014 flashblog by inaugurating a piece of life-writing:

AutAc Expressions of Positivity: #AutismPositivity2014.

I’m entirely certain I don’t need another writing project in my life right now, but here it is – the need to write about my own life, within the context of my research, was simply too great.  And the opportunity to begin doing so within the context of a flashblog dedicated to what autistic people love about themselves was simply too perfect.

My need to write about my own life arises out of a need to fight the overwhelmingly gloomy understanding of autism and of neuroatypicality in general that is the critical focus of much of my academic work.  I need to remember why I matter, why I can do so much of this work because I am autistic, not in spite of it.  And I need to construct that positive identity in a concrete and public space – not merely between the pages of one of my innumerable battered notebooks.  Both are essential to my work and to my well-being.

Happy Autism Positivity Day, everyone.


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