In “Because I Need More Projects”: Job-Seeking For Autistic Adults

You may or may not have caught my latest post at Autistic Academic: An Autistic Adult’s Guide to Getting Hired.

That is, I have since realized, a hella misleading title, because the post itself is not a guide to getting hired.  It is, rather, my first foray into an idea I return to every time I sit down to write for one of my various recruiting-firm clients: that most job-search advice is useless for autistic adults like me, but that useful job search advice can exist.  It’s just that no one’s writing it.

Well.  I’m autistic, an adult, and co-own a human resources consulting business (I do law, she does management).  And I write for recruiters constantly.  The only thing I’m missing from this equation is time, which is about to be in even shorter supply as I have two first-year writing sections to teach and an MA to finish.

So right now, I’m collecting ideas and anecdotes and answering questions, which I’ll post at Autistic Academic.  Collaborate with me!


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