For Those Who Stayed In on National Coming Out Day

It’s National Coming Out Day in the U.S.  For many people, today meant admitting publicly to their sexual orientation and/or gender identity for the first time.  But for many, many others, it meant running a cost-benefit analysis – again – and deciding “…maybe next year.”

For everyone who confronted today and stayed inside:

You made the right choice.  You had a tough call to make, and you’re doing what is best for you right now.  Know that you are no less valuable, no less loveable, and no less important than if you had “come out” today.  Know that, no matter what, you matter.  

Maybe next year.


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Dani Alexis is the Legal Coordinator at Autonomous Press as well as a freelance writer. When she's not working, she coaches winterguard and waits on the whims of two spoiled cats. Check out her most recent work by subscribing to her Patreon:
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