Are you tired of the old-fashioned “light it up blue” “autism awareness” stuff?  Would you rather spend April doing something clever and productive?  Do you hate Twizzlers?

There’s hope.  Check out the Autistic Blog Challenge (#AutisticBlogChallenge).

The rules (which I just copied and pasted from the link above, since I wrote them) are as follows:

1. Find people to sponsor your autistic-blog-reading at whatever level they can afford. For instance, your sponsors might agree to donate $1.00 for every blog you read according to the rules of the challenge.

2. For the month of April, read blogs by autistic writers. To “count,” the blog must be written primarily by an autistic individual, and you must read at least ten posts (or the entire blog, if it has fewer than ten posts). Keep a list of the blogs and posts you read.

3. At the end of April, give copies of your list to your sponsors. Collect funds. Tell your sponsors which blogs you liked most, so they know where to start reading.

4. Use your newfound knowledge of autistic people’s needs, preferences, and desires to select a charity that actually advocates on behalf of autistic people. Donate.

I guarantee, by the end of April, you will raise far more awareness, acceptance, and respect for autistic human beings than you will EVER raise by eating candy, going for a walk, or screwing in a blue lightbulb.  Let’s make this a thing!


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Dani Alexis is the Legal Coordinator at Autonomous Press as well as a freelance writer. When she's not working, she coaches winterguard and waits on the whims of two spoiled cats. Check out her most recent work by subscribing to her Patreon: http://www.patreon.com/noncompliantspace.
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