Morally Ambiguous Hogwarts Houses: A Serious Critical Inquiry

I propose that the most morally ambiguous House isn’t Slytherin.  It’s Ravenclaw.


  • Slytherins are notoriously cunning and ambitious – both qualities that require a power structure to exist and for that structure to have clear, well-known rules (that can be thus subverted for the power ends of the Slytherin doing the subverting).  Thus, Slytherins are forced to acknowledge and work within the existing power structure in one way or another.  It’s not cunning or ambitious if no one can figure out wtf it is.
  • Hufflepuffs, being kind, loyal, and able to see the core of a person, will always act for the right reasons – even if they do the wrong thing.
  • Gryffindors, being courageous, honorable, and daring, will always do the right thing – even if it is for the wrong reasons.

Ravenclaws, however, neither need the power structure nor have a driving sense of decency or daring.  They’re driven by knowledge, learning, and understanding.  Thus, Ravenclaws occupy the position not only of being able to work just as well outside the power structure, but to question the structure itself.

Take heart: no Slytherin is going to take over the world any time soon.  Unless they team up with a Ravenclaw.


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