An Update on My Crabs

If you were reading my author blog last spring, you may remember that about six months ago, I kicked a serious case of the crabs. And the bucket they rode in on.


How has my life changed since I divorced myself from the toxic sectors of the autistic activism community?

In short: It’s great.

My anxiety levels dropped precipitously after I banned and blocked about two dozen people, and they’ve stayed down. I’ve been able to take on more challenging work. I’ve completed several projects I never thought I’d actually get done. I’ve had much more interesting, in-depth conversations with researchers who aren’t constantly trying to pull their fellow crabs off the rim of the bucket.

Oh, and sales of my book…actually increased.

In short, I can absolutely recommend walking away from people who are dragging you down. If you need a sign, this is it: Life is better without crabs.