#VerityLTstheBible: Links to Exodus

Part 2 in my series of livetweets while rereading the Bible.

An explanation of the project, and links to the livetweets of Genesis, are here.


Exo. 1-2: Life post-Joseph sucks for the Hebrews. Moses gets born and instantly attains adulthood.

Exo. 3-11: God remembers that his deal with Abraham did not include slavery. There are PLAGUES, followed by a CLIFFHANGER.

Exo. 12-16: God’s Rube Goldberg plan for rescuing the Israelites from Egyptian slavery works…pretty well, actually.

Exo. 17-19: Moses puts his hands in the air like he just don’t care. God’s sense of direction is…suspect.

Exo. 20: THE TEN COMMANDMENTS leave me with more questions than answers.

Exo. 21-32: God drops a bunch of additional laws on Israel. Aaron makes a golden calf and tells Israel the calf is its god, then can’t figure out why Israel ended up worshipping it.

Exo. 33-40: God and Moses come to a non-genocide agreement. Israel executes God’s painfully specific architecture and design demands re: the tabernacle.