#VerityLTstheBible: Links to Numbers

Part 4 of 66 of a project I started in the summer of 2019: To reread the Bible publicly, evaluating the oft-repeated notion that the text is inerrant, self-contained, and a bearer of clear, self-evident truths.

I remain skeptical.

(Looking for another book of the Bible? Click this link for a master list of threads, sorted by book.)

Num. 1-7: God counts up the Israelites. He gives specific instructions on how the Levites are to Levite and tells us all how to work ACTUAL MAGIC to determine if a woman has committed adultery. Then He gets some fabulous gifts.

Num. 8-14: Trumpets! Quail! Complaining!

Num. 15-21: The Israelites think they can get away with just about anything. (Narrator: They cannot.) Bronze snake poles cure snakebite.

Num. 22-36: Talking donkeys, feminism, and other wonders of the ancient world.

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