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#VerityLTstheBible: 1 Samuel

Part 9 of 66 of a project I started in the summer of 2019: To reread the Bible publicly, evaluating the oft-repeated notion that the text is inerrant, self-contained, and a bearer of clear, self-evident truths.

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1 Samuel 1-10: Samuel is born after his mother, Hannah, gets picked on a lot. Saul’s chief qualification for being king is that he’s a head taller than everyone else.

Interlude: Is the only “correct” way to read the Bible to already know what you’re going to read before you read it?

1 Samuel 11-20: Saul is really good at being king, until he’s not. David gets famous by throwing rocks.

1 Samuel 21-31: Saul chases David all over the place as David collects swords and wives. Samuel dies, then gets necromanced. Saul kills himself.

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