Christmas Carols Nobody Asked For, Vol. 7: Emily’s Christmas Blues

(For an explanation of this nonsense and links to the rest of the volumes, see the Master List.)

The blues have had a decent run in Christmas music, even if they’re not the number-one musical holiday genre. I loved the time I spent as a teen learning to improv over 12-bar blues, so I thought I’d give Botnik the same opportunity.

Lyrics, as always, are produced by Botnik’s predictive-text keyboard and based on a large text file of Christmas carol lyrics. I added the music.

Emily’s Christmas Blues

Blues like fireworks and a pumpkin pie,
Christmas keeps on waiting.
Blues like those that came to us with pudding and a reggae feeling,
That blue Christmas never strays.
Emily, Emily,
Christmas blues they just believe in you.

The score is here [pdf].

The audio file is here [mp3].

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