Predictive Text Aces the Top 10 Interview Questions

In the spirit of interviewing AIs for jobs, I uploaded the top 20 Google search results for “how to answer most common interview questions” to Botnik.

I then asked it the top 10 job interview questions, according to The Balance.

Here are the median responses to the top ten most commonly-asked interview questions.

(Neither I nor Botnik are responsible for the consequences of actually using these answers in a real interview.)

predictive interview

Tell me about yourself.

Without insulting you, I can show you what a good leader I would be. Sure, you’re looking for someone who can make money or conflict, but don’t just say that. 

As an experienced sous chef, I prepared for this position at your ski shop by asking questions that shouldn’t be asked. 

Questions about why I’m perfect should be prepared in advance.

Why should we hire you?

Should you hire me? Because I’ve had some questions about this project. 

When you thought I was excited to apply, elsewhere my dream was criticized. Your greatest professional achievement is that you’ll put a candidate who talks negatively about their job in an environment where they can critique you. 

I like constant feedback. In fact, I would definitely not quite thrive otherwise. 

What is your greatest strength?

My greatest strength is something you actually need to know. 

The company’s mission to answer questions about failure is at the bottom of this workplace. Situations where my talents take me to new information include this industry. 

In short, marketing expertise is important. 

What is your greatest weakness?

Unless Sudoku expertise is a requirement for this role, you’re not asking the best question. Interview me about something you would have done differently the first time you did something.

Naturally, I don’t have any potential. Future growth and advancement levels are looking behavioral. Like an ideal candidate, I would definitely Google it if you need an answer.

Why do you want to leave your current job?

Doesn’t everyone? I don’t enjoy failure, markets, or company events. Based on genuine words that describe my character traits, I would probably not deal with stressful situations.

Like my previous bosses, your biggest regret will be calling me 10 minutes early. Sure, I behave in a productive way.

What are your salary expectations?

I expect every decision made to work for both you and the company. That’s fair and competitive, and it’s how you handle potential future growth.

Opportunities to better understand what you want in your next employee restore my patience. First, boss, could you handle it if your salary varies by location? Answers that don’t relate directly to work will be asked to leave.

Why do you want this job?

Because every business strategy in the industry is going to fail. Your greatest achievement is not legal.

Researching your biggest regret is more important than methodology. If possible, strategize about locking your current boss in my office. Any questions?

How do you handle stress and pressure?

Acumen like mine doesn’t contradict the President. Debt speaks for itself.

So to answer your question, you may feel overwhelmed by my experience. Stories about myself are personally true.

Describe a difficult work situation or project and how you overcame it.

One time, about six employees were required to answer brainteaser interview questions about failure. Reviews were based on answering questions that no employee has been allowed to answer. Tough questions.

About five o’clock, I asked my boss, “Can we hire a candidate who annoys you? Should we get an animal or a more important thing?” I disliked the job and focused on what I could do to deal.

Anyway, today many of my clients have been promoted, because I’ve developed the ability to wear many hats. Cows stacked pennies on your resume, so take as many as you possibly can.

What are your goals for the future?

Start thinking about five executive traits I would want to accomplish. Fail whenever I’m caught by surprise. Promise people skills they don’t want. And get ahead.

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