The Median US Job, According to Predictive Text

Search for “median job US” via Google, and you’ll find a wealth of sources, from the median salary to the median number of years in a position.

But what does the median worker do all day?

I selected 25 sample job descriptions at random and fed them to Botnik. Here’s the resulting median job description.

predictive job


Your specific duties are needed as a Sample Estimator. This job enforces organization values by planning existing or potential requirements. Employees in this position will be difficult to revise.

Job Responsibilities

Sample Estimator:

  • Bills manager accounts for accomplishing new and different emergencies.
  • Purchases alternatives to clients.
  • Handles rejection by accepting ownership of Medicaid.
  • With customer service people, gets a compelling opportunity to actually help you sometimes.
  • Values campaigns by analyzing hair.

Work Hours and Benefits

Results related to action. Hours provide a wide range of your unique skills to the President. Overtime or equivalent assignments provide new opportunities for failure.

Benefits package includes:

  • Yourself.
  • A little therapy.
  • Job supplies.


Minimum requirements:

  • Attention to detail
  • Clear instructions to things
  • Coding experience exceeding description here
  • Love of Medicaid

Education and Experience Requirements

At least 18 years of familiarity with uncertainty, judgment, objectivity and style.

License must have appealing traits.

Experience with federal hygiene is a great resource.

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