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The Stars Hate You, Vol. 1: Misfortune Stalks Me, Plus How Birth By C-Section Affects Your Horoscope

The Stars Hate You is an astrological advice column in which I never actually do astrology. Questions may be edited for grammar and to conceal personal information about the asker. Past installments may be found on the main page.

Misfortune Stalks Me

The Question: Can someone help me with my chart? I have been suffering since September 2017. Friends and relatives turned into enemies. I have no career and no respect. I am always depressed. [Date, time and place of birth]?

Your stars say you have developed the habit of blaming things, people or influences outside yourself for your misfortunes.

Sometimes those things did play a role in your situation and sometimes they didn’t. The problem is that when you blame something outside your own control, you give away the power you have to change the situation.

Your stars say you do have power to change your situation – probably more than you realize – but the less you exercise it, the more you feel you can’t. You probably haven’t been exercising that power for several years, which would explain why you now feel as if you don’t even have that power in the first place.

Try starting with small things, like choosing to stand up and stretch even when you’d ordinarily stay stuck to the couch, or asking yourself whether the snack you’re reaching for is the thing you really want in the moment.

These little decisions will help rekindle your latent ability to make bigger decisions, like whether to work on rebuilding a relationship or to make a career change. The stars indicate that while not every aspect of your relationships or career are within your control, your power lies is identifying the aspects that are in your control and focusing your efforts on them.

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How I Escaped My Mother

The Question: How does a C-section affect one’s birth chart or astrological sign?

It doesn’t.

Classical astrology holds that the influences of the planets and their positions in the zodiac don’t actually happen to your physical body. Rather, they are picked up by your soul as it descends through the “spheres” (the spherical orbits of the five planets known to antiquity, plus the moon and sun, as they orbit Earth). The spheres add influences particular to their sphere, which are further affected by whichever zodiac sign that planet appears to be hanging out in at the time of your birth, from the perspective of the place on Earth you are born.

Your star-influenced soul is then sucked into your body when you take your first breath.

(You can read about this process in detail here.)

So as long as you took a first breath, it doesn’t matter how you escaped your mother’s womb to do it.

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