shouting about literature


I have a new podcast slash YouTube series and it is SHOUTY.

Logo/title page. Rows of books on a faded background. The title reads “Shouting About Literature: Classic Books for People Who Hate Reading.” At the bottom is the Patreon link,

In “Shouting About Literature,” I, a published author and former professor of English, YELL THINGS ABOUT CLASSIC LITERATURE. Also I say some things in a normal voice.

The goal: To help folks who struggle to read “the classics,” but who still want to know what’s going on in these books and what the hundreds (or thousands) of years of fuss is about.

One thing I’ve discovered about classic literature – novels, plays, poems, and so on – is that people tend to fall into one of two groups about it. The first group loves it; the second group struggles to understand what there is to love.

Unfortunately, for the second group, English and literature classes are all taught by the first group. Which makes sense. People don’t tend to get multiple college degrees in subjects they hate. But it also means people in the second group often walk out of literature classes feeling even more alienated from classic lit than they did when they went in.

Hence SHOUTING ABOUT LITERATURE, in which I use my knowledge and love of literature to make classic novels more entertaining – or at least easier to understand.

Anyway, you can check out the Patreon here: . Subscribing to the Patreon gets you access to cool additional stuff, like bonus episodes and study guides.

And here’s the intro video slash first episode:

The podcast version will launch in a few days, once I have the time to devote to all the uploading.

Questions? Requests for books to SHOUT about? Leave a comment!