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Bad Carols S2E3: This Starry Night (Brass Quartet)

(For an overview of the Bad Carols project, click here. Previous episodes this season: E1, E2.)

One of my favorite forms of the Christmas carol is the 6/8 English folk song type. Another of my favorites is anything performed by a brass ensemble.

In this piece, I’ve combined the two. “This Starry Night” is written in 6/8 for brass quartet. Lyrics are the work of predictive text; music is the work of yours truly.

As always, “enjoy.”

This Starry Night

This starry night, yeah, this season brings
Fiddles and seventh chords troubling me.
Under the dead Christmas tree you and I go,
As another Christmas Day blows.

From near and far come merrily down
The chimney, turtle doves, oh!
Merry and bright and may we see
Your pretty face in the snow?

Just like the islanders don’t need you
You know that I need you
Winter wind blows our hats away
Night, oh starry night, see everywhere!

Score here [pdf]
Audio here [mp3]