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Bad Carols, S2E4: Let Heavenly Music Fill Our Dreams

(For an overview of the Bad Carols project, click here. Previous episodes this season: E1E2, E3.)

Every good set of terrible Christmas carols needs at least one Victorian-esque carol intended for belting in a church on Christmas Eve with little to no regard for pitch. Given the current pandemic, I felt we especially needed such a carol in order to recreate the feeling of being in a packed church on Christmas Eve.

This is that carol.

The piano part follows the melody line only. For added church-like realism, I’ve included a backing track in an entirely different key than the sheet music.

As always, lyrics are generated by Botnik’s Christmas carol predictive-text keyboard; music is added by human.

Sheet music in C major is here [pdf].
Backing track in C major is here [pdf].
Backing track in A flat major is here [mp3].

Let Heavenly Music Fill Our Dreams

Let heavenly music fill our dreams
With cocoa and mistletoe,
It seems like years since laughter filled the air,
And you made my wish come true.

Baby, please know that I,
I want you to
stay till Christmas Day
(stay till Christmas Day).

Just believe news about fifty doves,
Doves and pumpkin pie.

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