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My New Novel Is Out, and I Apologize

The good news: Nahara, the sequel to Nantais, is now available on Amazon and for pre-order direct from the publisher. There’s also a re-release of Nantais, which I’m told has renovated typesetting.

Image: The cover of NAHARA, my latest novel and the sequel to NANTAIS

Now for the bad news.

I wish I could do more to celebrate and promote the release of this, my second published novel and the last one of my books my spouse will ever see (for maximum emotional effect, meditate on that fact as you read the ending). But I can’t.

Image: Blog post title image featuring the cover of my first novel, NANTAIS

In March, I lost my spouse in a motorcycle crash that left me with broken bones in both legs, pelvis and other places. I spent nearly a month in the hospital before I was allowed to come home. Three months later, I still cannot walk on my own.

I was so excited for this release. I started planning pre-release and release-date posts and events back in January. My goal was to have a grand time with this book right up until the rest of you got to see it, and then have fun reading it with you. 

The crash took that from me. The release was not rescheduled. All my plans and excitement are just…gone. 

For that, I’m sorry.

But, as events have turned out, maybe it’s for the best? After all, my “release date” ended up being more like a probability cloud than a fixed moment. When I looked up Nahara on Amazon, for instance, I discovered it was available there even though the publisher’s website still listed it as a pre-order. And several of my pre-release party plans depended on my receiving a galley for review, as well as my contributor copy of Spoon Knife 5. Neither one ever arrived. 

I never saw the re-release of Nantais, either. I’ve been told it’s beautiful. I hope so, given that it now also costs 40 percent more.

And now that both books are available to the public, at least through some channels, I find myself forced to give up all my own post-launch plans as well. I simply don’t have what it takes to do tie-in fiction or “Verity Rereads Her Own Book for the First Time In Four Years” livestreams or personalized signed copies right now. Not when my daily struggles involve planning my spouse’s funeral, settling his estate, dealing with medical appointments and insurance adjusters, and relearning how to stand up on my own.

I wanted to give you a party. I lost the chance. Instead I’m planning a different sort of event: A funeral for my best friend and partner, the best human being I have ever known.

I wish I could do that and settle an estate and wrangle insurers and walk, with energy left over to market a book. But I can’t. And I’m sorry.

Anyway, Nahara is out now. I hope you enjoy it. Next time I release a book, we’ll have the party I planned for this one – and then some.