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Verity Reynolds is the author of NANTAIS, a study of human behavioral and communicative hypocrisy expressed in explosions and space pirates. Her best work is at

Good Characters: Who Are They?

Everyone who reads (or watches films) can remember characters that stuck with them: characters we loved, characters we were in love with, characters we wanted to be, characters who terrified us. But what makes them memorable? What makes them good? … Continue reading

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What Freelancing Taught Me About Fiction Writing (and Vice Versa)

If you’ve been reading my writing advice here or on my Patreon, you may wonder: why is my “writing advice” section a mishmash of notes on “creative” writing (fiction, poetry, etc.) and notes on “commercial” writing (copy)? Here’s why: It’s … Continue reading

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How to (Almost But Not Quite) Write a Successful Query Letter

As an established blogger in a relatively niche community, I get the occasional query email from folks who are looking for platforms to publish their writing. Occasionally, these are targeted, thoughtful, and demonstrate that the writer actually read my blog. … Continue reading

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PUNCH THE SUN!: Maximizing Your Future Today

This morning, I taught seven eighth-graders–none of whom had ever touched a flag before–how to drop spin. As everyone in the colorguard world knows (and everyone else can deduce from seeing it done), drop spinning isn’t a World-class skill. In … Continue reading

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Chekov’s Bear Arms, Or “Does the Gun Have to Go Off in Act Three?”

Author Anton Chekhov gave variations on the following writing advice several times during his life: “Remove everything that has no relevance to the story. If you say in the first chapter that there is a rifle hanging on the wall, … Continue reading

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I’m spending today looking over the notes from Proofreading. The finished novel appears in June, but until then, please enjoy this sneak preview. When Richard Hayek was eight years old, he had rescued a kitten. It was a scrawny, mud-covered … Continue reading

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Two New Contributions

I’ve been busy elsewhere on the Web recently! Here are my two newest pieces: For Blogging Against Disablism Day 2017: Disability and “Can’t,” on the line between “can’t” and “won’t,” and what barriers to access really look like. You can … Continue reading

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