I write and edit speculative fiction, sci fi, and other forms of literary weirdness, both under my own name and that of my alter ego slash primary protagonist, Verity Reynolds.

Nantais (2017)

Nantais, the first book in the Non-Compliant Space series, features a boy and his cat, (almost) blowing up a space station, chasing pirates, suffering way too many injuries, uncovering a slavery plot, and revealing Terrible Secrets.

Nothing you expect to happen in this series by the end of this book actually happens in the series. Far gnarlier stuff happens instead.

Nantais is my first book-length work and my first foray into neuroqueer fiction. Like its characters, it’s a bit rough around the edges.


Nahara (2021)

Nahara, the sequel to Nantais, follows our heroes as they chase down those nasty slavers and free the universe from their oily grasp.

….Actually, they kinda fail at those things.

Instead they find homicidal teenagers, dying civilizations, creepy caves, and more interpersonal drama than you can shake a high-tech replacement for a stick at.

Oh, there’s also this book everyone’s obsessed with. Including some very bad people with a lot of power to do very bad things.


Sam Harvey and I edited the second volume of the Spoon Knife series together in 2016.

Spoon Knife brings together some of the best emerging and established neurodivergent voices in literature. Our theme for Volume 2 was “test chamber,” which we encouraged contributors to examine broadly.

The contributors blew our minds.

I have short fiction in this and every other volume of the Spoon Knife series, also available from Autonomous Press.