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Emotional Labor, Gender, and the Erasure of Autistic Women

A discussion of the emotional labor demands baked into the diagnostic criteria for autism, and how they affect autistic women in particular. Continue reading

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How Much Is My Girl Scout Handbook Worth? Part Two: The Market

Part One of this post ran in 2011, and it’s always been in the top five most popular posts on this blog. Based on the search terms folks use to find it, it appears that the sequel is both desired … Continue reading

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Gambling on Gamble: The Case That Made Us All Wish We’d Paid Attention in Civics

Is Gamble v. U.S. really going to let the President pardon people for state crimes with impunity? Here’s what you need to know. Continue reading

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What Do You Keep In Your Writing Notebook?

Another Quora response that became a blog post. Literally everything. To be clear, I only keep one notebook. It’s a single subject, college ruled, spiral bound notebook. I buy a dozen or so during back to school season, when I … Continue reading

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How to Write an Action or Thriller Novel

I want to write an action novel with a slight of thriller essence. Can someone give me an idea for a start? This was a question request I got on Quora the other day, and the answer I started drafting really … Continue reading

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Good Characters: Who Are They?

Everyone who reads (or watches films) can remember characters that stuck with them: characters we loved, characters we were in love with, characters we wanted to be, characters who terrified us. But what makes them memorable? What makes them good? … Continue reading

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How Finishing a Novel Changed My Writing

I finished and submitted the draft of my first novel a few weeks ago. Since then, I’ve written several blog posts, about a dozen letters of various kinds, and my usual 20,000 words a week of paid freelance writing.  I’m … Continue reading

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