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Worldbuilding: How Much Do You Need? How Much Do You Use?

How much worldbuilding should you do in order to tell a great story? Continue reading

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Non-Compliant Space: A Short Guide to Short Fiction

A timeline of every published piece in the Non-Compliant Space series, with links. Continue reading

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So You Want to Write a Book About Autism

Want to write about autism? Practical tips from a top publisher. Continue reading

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Reasons Your Novel Manuscript Got Rejected by a Publisher (Even When You Got the Basics Right)

Your manuscript is a great read and you followed all the publisher’s instructions. Why was it rejected? Here are three possibilities. Continue reading

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Three Ways to Become A Writer

A published author shares her top three ways to become a writer. Continue reading

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If You Like It Then You Shoulda Put a Paycheck On It: My Real Problem With The Mighty (#CrippingTheMighty)

If The Mighty really wants to be a force for good in the disability community, why does it make its money off the free labor of disabled writers? Continue reading

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How You, the Client, Can Get Fired by Your Freelancer

Here’s how to make sure that all the time, money, and energy you put into advertising for freelancers, screening candidates, and developing creative briefs goes entirely to waste: Continue reading

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