Inflation is Enshittifying Restaurant Menus

I have officially reached grumpy old age. It wasn’t when I found my first gray hair. It wasn’t when doctors started signing me up for tests ending in -ogram or -oscopy. It was yesterday, when I found myself kvetching with several friends about how QR codes are replacing printed menus in restaurants. Let’s get Grandma…More


“I Am” Songs and Structural Villainy in American Musicals

Most American musicals identify the hero and the villain through two distinct types of songs: The “I Want” song and the “I Am” song, respectively. They’re both pretty much exactly what they say they are. “I Want” songs focus on something the hero wants. It’s often a pretty vague “want,” such as “I want adventure”…More

We’re About to Seriously Reconsider How We Define and Compensate “Work”

Some Tuesday Morning Work-Related Prognostication: There’s a huge reckoning on the horizon regarding how we conceptualize and compensate work. Traditionally, most people get paid on an hourly or salaried basis. You get $X dollars per hour of your presence “at work,” or you get $X dollars per pay period no matter how many hours you…More