Here’s Your “Augh!” Moment for the Day

In Feres v. United States, one military servicemember (Jefferson) and the estates of two dead servicemembers (Feres and Griggs) sued the U.S. government under the Federal Tort Claims Act, claiming that DoD negligence caused death/injury. In Jefferson’s case, he’d had surgery at an Army hospital. He had complications afterward, and doctors decided he needed a…More

Church Sues State. I Have Questions.

St. Joseph’s Parish, in St. Johns, Michigan, recently filed a lawsuit claiming that the state Supreme Court’s holding in Rouch World, LLC v Department of Civil Rights will violate the parish’s religious right to *checks notes* exclude whom it pleases from the kingdom of Heaven. That’s a paraphrase, but it’s not an exaggeration. As a…More

Watch the Bird Burn: A Twitter News Masterpost

I just Googled “when did Elon Musk buy Twitter?” because I couldn’t remember. The answer: fifteen days ago. What a long, strange trip it’s been. Anyway, here’s a collection of Twitter-related news as we watch the birdsite burn down, fall over, then sink into the swamp. To submit any I’ve missed, find me on…More