In Which I Try to Draw Pokemon I Have Never Seen

While going through an old sketchbook, I found a project from 2018ish in which I asked Twitter for names of Pokemon and then drew them. I have never seen 99% of Pokemon. Here they are, with my deepest apologies. Buy me a coffee and fuel more terrible projects.More

I’m Doing Gladiolas Wrong

Don’t tell mine. Gladioli, aka “sword lilies,” are delightfully showy bulb plants that take over my garden and wow my neighbors every late summer and fall. Despite the name, they’re more closely related to irises than lilies. My parents planted mine here about fifteen years ago, and they’ve been going strong ever since. Turns out…More

I’m Obsessed With Tascha’s Destroyed Diamond

But not for the reasons you think. About a year ago, this tweet happened: This tweet got parodied 11 months later: The parody version got traction by being funny, but it’s not a perfect analogy. And the ways in which the analogy doesn’t line up with the original fascinate me. First: An NFT isn’t (always)…More