I Have So Many Questions About This L.L. Bean Catalog Cover

I love L.L. Bean fall catalogs. There’s something cozy about them. The fall catalog I received this week, however, gets worse the longer I look at it: I have SO MANY QUESTIONS. First: Why is everything so CLEAN?? I’m not talking about the clothes. It’s a clothing ad. I expect the clothes to be clean.…More


Plants Your Cat Can Eat (If They Must)

I currently reside with two well-mannered, delightfully polite felines. They wash their faces after every meal. They never kick the litter out of the pan. They tastefully decline from chewing cords, scratching the furniture, or sampling my plants. And then there’s this gremlin. Pippa (for short) chews everything. Cords, bedding, pens, junk mail, important mail,…More

In Which I Try to Draw Pokemon I Have Never Seen

While going through an old sketchbook, I found a project from 2018ish in which I asked Twitter for names of Pokemon and then drew them. I have never seen 99% of Pokemon. Here they are, with my deepest apologies. Buy me a coffee and fuel more terrible projects.More