What We Talk About When We Talk About “Inappropriate” Books for Kids

I’ve been re-reading Suzanne Collins’s Hunger Games series in preparation for the first movie, which comes out at the end of March.  I’ve also been re-thinking about the challenge that put The Hunger Games on the ALA’s “Books Challenged and/or Banned in 2011” list: a complaint from a New Hampshire mother to the Goffstown School Board in 2010.…More


Girl Scout Handbooks: A(nother) Note on Appraisal

I’ve had a steady trickle of commenters asking if I can give them a price estimate for their vintage Girl Scout handbooks for several months now, and I suspect that number is about to skyrocket, seeing as the blog and I are to be featured in the March 2012 issue of TREASURES magazine. I’ll be…More

How Much Is My Girl Scout Handbook Worth? Part One: The Basics

2012 includes the 100th anniversary of the Girl Scouts of the USA(GSUSA), an organization that has been publishing handbooks for its members since literally before the first-ever Scout meeting in Savannah, Georgia in 1912.  So there are plenty of old Girl Scout handbooks floating around antique and secondhand stores.  Maybe you even have one gathering…More