Collecting Girl Scout Handbooks, Part II: 1950-1977

(Part I is here.) Last time in “Collecting Girl Scout Handbooks,” I covered the books published from the origins of Girl Scouting in the U.S. until 1947 – a period of only 35 years.  This post will cover the years from 1950 to 1977.  It’s fewer years, but it’s a lot more books. Onward!More


Top Five Books for Figure Skaters

  True Story: Once upon a time, I was a competitive figure skater.  And, like I do with most Awesome Things I Totes Just Discovered Are Awesome, I read about the sport.  A lot.  And I learned two things: 1.  Most books about figure skating are surprisingly gossipy, and 2.  It is possible to save…More

How to Find Collectible Books – On Your Own Terms

Two things I particularly love about book collecting: It is a game, and I get to make up (some of) the rules. Not all the rules are free for interpretation.  The ones that aren’t are mostly dictated by market forces – scarce books are worth more than common ones, books in good condition are worth…More