Collecting Girl Scout Handbooks, Part I: 1912 to 1947

If there are other serious or semi-serious collectors of Girl Scout books in the world, they are remaining modestly off the Internet. A Google search for “collecting Girl Scout handbooks” today turned up this fellow collector on Squidoo, an individual on Alibris who may or may not have the only third edition of the original…More


Old Books Aren’t Vegan!: A Guide to Animals Used in Book Making

[Wendy] also wore her mother’s long bathrobe and had this crazy-looking fur thing wrapped around her neck.  It had eyes, paws, a tail and everything. “Animals are for loving, not wearing,” I told her. “I know it,” said Wendy, “but this thing is very old.  It belonged to my grandmother.  And in those days they…More

Using Brodart Book Covers; Or, How to Protect Your Investment in 6 Easy Steps

Brodart (or, for Canadians, Brodart) is not the only maker of those handy dust jacket covers you see on library books, but they’re the classic. And their “How to Apply Brodart Center-Slit Book Jacket Covers” instructions come in both English and French, so that’s cool. Book covers are a relatively cheap way to protect the…More