Top Five Books for Figure Skaters

  True Story: Once upon a time, I was a competitive figure skater.  And, like I do with most Awesome Things I Totes Just Discovered Are Awesome, I read about the sport.  A lot.  And I learned two things: 1.  Most books about figure skating are surprisingly gossipy, and 2.  It is possible to save…More


How to Find Collectible Books – On Your Own Terms

Two things I particularly love about book collecting: It is a game, and I get to make up (some of) the rules. Not all the rules are free for interpretation.  The ones that aren’t are mostly dictated by market forces – scarce books are worth more than common ones, books in good condition are worth…More

Collecting Girl Scout Handbooks, Part I: 1912 to 1947

If there are other serious or semi-serious collectors of Girl Scout books in the world, they are remaining modestly off the Internet. A Google search for “collecting Girl Scout handbooks” today turned up this fellow collector on Squidoo, an individual on Alibris who may or may not have the only third edition of the original…More