Various creative projects I’ve started over the years. Some of them I have actually finished. Others are “ongoing,” as they say.

The Bad Carols Project

Bad Carols: Holiday carols written by predictive text and placed to ditties written in Noteflight by yours truly. Also known as “Christmas Carols Nobody Asked For.”

I started the Bad Carols project in 2019 as a way to explore the creative limits of Markov chains and to force myself to produce a lot of bad compositions in a short time, with the hope that eventually I would produce less-bad compositions.

Let’s Talk KonMari

A multi-part series in which I KonMari’d my own house and then pontificated on it.

Shouting About Literature

Shouting About Literature: A podcast I almost started in the fall of 2020. Subtitled “Classic Books for People Who Hate Reading.”

Shouted-about topics include Moby-Dick, homoeroticism in Moby-Dick, and what the New Critics were on about. Currently on hiatus.

The Stars Hate You

The Stars Hate You: Astrological advice that ignores astrology.

I’ve been an armchair astrologer for decades, but I will also Fight You if you suggest astrology has any basis in physical reality. In The Stars Hate You, I give advice in response to astrology-related questions. The advice has nothing to do with astrology. Or maybe it does. You’ll never know.


#VerityLTstheBible: I reread the Bible every few years. #VerityLTstheBible live-chronicles that experience, with one caveat.

While I’ve read the Bible several times, I’ve never read it from the point of view recommended to me by numerous evangelizers over the years: As a book that is infallible and self-contained, requiring nothing but the text itself to convince me of the existence of God, the saving power of Jesus Christ, or the necessity of voting Republican. I tried that here.