Collecting Girl Scout Handbooks, Part I: 1912 to 1947

If there are other serious or semi-serious collectors of Girl Scout books in the world, they are remaining modestly off the Internet. A Google search for “collecting Girl Scout handbooks” today turned up this fellow collector on Squidoo, an individual on Alibris who may or may not have the only third edition of the original handbook left in the world, and a few already-sold copies of older handbooks on Etsy, along with the usual eBay listings for anything labeled “Girl Scout.”

So, in the interests of turning my personal obsession into a public service like the Girl Scouts trained me to do (just “do[ing] a good turn daily,” ma’am), here is Part I of my series on Girl Scout handbooks, past and present. More serious collectors will want to refer to Mary Degenhardt and Judith Kirsch’s Girl Scout Collector’s Guide, ISBN 0896725464 (Texas Tech UP, 2005). Continue reading