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I Want to Believe (In Myself): The X-Files, Star Trek, and (More Than) Autistic Special Interests

The phrase “special interest” doesn’t adequately explain what some of these interests do for us – like my childhood obsessions with The X-Files and Star Trek. Continue reading

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Emotional Labor, Gender, and the Erasure of Autistic Women

A discussion of the emotional labor demands baked into the diagnostic criteria for autism, and how they affect autistic women in particular. Continue reading

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Deconstructing “Active Listening”

A few weeks ago, “Whole Body Listening Larry” made the rounds of the autistic community: The discussion at the time centered on how Larry’s approach to listening is a neurotypical-centric one, and that, for many neurodivergent people (including autistic people), … Continue reading

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The Social Model of Disability: A Rather Short and Very Simplified Introduction

I wrote this just now for a person on Facebook who asked for a shorter and simpler introduction to the social model of disability than Google offered. ¬†Since I imagine it will be useful to more than just the person … Continue reading

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