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Deconstructing ASL “Hearing (culturally)”

Recently, I realized that both my husband and I might benefit greatly if we added a few signs to our shared vocabulary – specifically, the words and phrases I’d be likely to need most while out in public.  Not only do … Continue reading

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The other day, I was tweeting about this question of “can the (autistic) subaltern speak?” when one thing hit me that hadn’t occurred to me before: If I’m going down this road, I have to be professionally “out” about my … Continue reading

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Can the (Autistic) Subaltern Speak?

Some months ago, I shelved this paper topic.  I did so for several reasons. I didn’t know quite what I was trying to say; I had a sneaking suspicion I ought to be focusing on something that more clearly related … Continue reading

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How to Talk While Autistic

Alternate Title, “Why You Should Look Elsewhere for Inspiring Autistics.” I suck at communicating. This hasn’t been obvious to me the past several years, because I’ve spent the past several years working from home and having 99 percent of my … Continue reading

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Chasing a Thesis: On Autism, Erasure, and SRTOL

I’ve been kicking around several thesis ideas lately, and one keeps sticking with me: the concept of narrative voice and linguistic diversity as it relates to the snafu that is “high-functioning” (HFA)/”low-functioning” (LFA) autism politics. Let me back up. I’m … Continue reading

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