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Teaching the (Ab)Normal

  Our first-year writing program requires me to teach four basic genres of writing commonly encountered in college classrooms.  But it has almost no requirements in addition to these, which gives me a lot of flexibility in how I teach … Continue reading

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No, Really, I Love Teaching

The phrase that comes out of my mouth most often during exam week is “no, really, I love teaching.” I never have to justify my love of teaching at any other time of year – only during the week after … Continue reading

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Tweaking the Rough/Final/Rewrite Draft Process in First-Year Writing

I find it ironic that every measure I have taken this semester to get out of doing work has resulted in better writing from my students. Daily writing journals I never read = better writing.  Homework I grade solely on … Continue reading

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I’m Giving a Paper at Congress!

Not Congress Congress.*  Unless you are a medievalist.  Then yes, Congress Congress.** Specifically, I’ll be presenting as part of MEARCSTAPA‘s “Monsters II: De/Coupling Monstrosity and Disability” panel at the International Congress on Medieval Studies, aka “Kalamazoo.”  This is the first paper … Continue reading

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Keeping the Pace: Legal Writing vs Academic Writing

Back at the law firm, we had a “pace” for long-form research-based writing, like recommendation letters and legal briefs: one page per hour.  This was approximately how long producing these pages actually took, from the moment one of the paralegals … Continue reading

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Language as Meeting-Space and the Symbolic Order

In my recently-drafted seminar paper for poetry, I argued that poetic language may offer a “common ground” in which to draw autistic writers and allistic readers together.  In the currently-underway seminar paper for theory, I’m attempting to articulate a theoretical … Continue reading

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Postcolonial Crunch Time

It’s a beautiful, 70-degree Sunday, which we’re soaking up for all it’s worth because the weather forecast for Tuesday is 30 and snowy again.*  The cats and I are camped out on the bed in the sunshine, working on my … Continue reading

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