Old Books Aren’t Vegan!: A Guide to Animals Used in Book Making

[Wendy] also wore her mother’s long bathrobe and had this crazy-looking fur thing wrapped around her neck.  It had eyes, paws, a tail and everything.

“Animals are for loving, not wearing,” I told her.

“I know it,” said Wendy, “but this thing is very old.  It belonged to my grandmother.  And in those days they didn’t know about ecology.”

–  Judy Blume, Blubber

Books: they are made from animals.

Not like this.  (Via 7gadgets.com; click to visit.

These days, most books are actually made of some combination of paper, cloth, and/or plastic. Animal products are rare, and mostly consist of various kinds of leather used in fancy-schmancy gift editions (or attempted forgeries). Back in the day, however, animal products were more common than not, and knowing your animals is a big part of knowing how to navigate the world of rare books.