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The Whale Is Still a Lie: Now With Timeline

After rereading my last post, I realized that my argument about Ishmael screwing up his timeline is…pretty screwed up.  So here it is again, with helpful images. The core of the argument is this: because Ishmael demonstrates a knowledge of … Continue reading

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The Whale is a Lie

Moby-Dick starts with the line “Call me Ishmael,” which most Americans immediately recognize even if they know almost nothing else about the book (“it’s about a whale!”).  In saying “Call me Ishmael,” the narrator implies that “Ishmael” isn’t his real … Continue reading

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Chasing a Paper Topic: Deconstruction and Confrontation

A few half-baked thoughts on this lit theory paper I need to start writing: 1.  Deconstruction and law.  I took to deconstruction like a fish in water when I first encountered it in 2004; my only real regret from all … Continue reading

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