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Deconstructing “Active Listening”

A few weeks ago, “Whole Body Listening Larry” made the rounds of the autistic community: The discussion at the time centered on how Larry’s approach to listening is a neurotypical-centric one, and that, for many neurodivergent people (including autistic people), … Continue reading

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Success in Circuit Lies: Deconstructing Comprehension

I’ve spent far too long this summer revising my seminar paper deconstructing “speak” as it appears in discussions about autism and autistic people.  While I’m continually reminded of the need to publish it (especially by posts like this one at Emma’s Hope Book), … Continue reading

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Deconstructing ASL “Hearing (culturally)”

Recently, I realized that both my husband and I might benefit greatly if we added a few signs to our shared vocabulary – specifically, the words and phrases I’d be likely to need most while out in public.  Not only do … Continue reading

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Can the (Autistic) Subaltern Speak?

Some months ago, I shelved this paper topic.  I did so for several reasons. I didn’t know quite what I was trying to say; I had a sneaking suspicion I ought to be focusing on something that more clearly related … Continue reading

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