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Want to Read My Newest Scholarly Article? You Know You Do!

And now you can! ScholarWorks’s “recommended citation” (clearly not in MLA format): Ryskamp, Dani Alexis (2014) “Neurodiversity’s Lingua Franca?: The Wild Iris, Autobiography of Red, and the Breakdown of Cognitive Barriers Through Poetic Language,” The Hilltop Review: Vol. 7: Iss. … Continue reading

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Teaching the (Ab)Normal

  Our first-year writing program requires me to teach four basic genres of writing commonly encountered in college classrooms.  But it has almost no requirements in addition to these, which gives me a lot of flexibility in how I teach … Continue reading

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No, Really, I Love Teaching

The phrase that comes out of my mouth most often during exam week is “no, really, I love teaching.” I never have to justify my love of teaching at any other time of year – only during the week after … Continue reading

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#AutismPositivity2014: I Autobiogra-blog

It’s Autism Positivity Day, and I’ve officially joined the #AutismPositivity2014 flashblog by inaugurating a piece of life-writing: AutAc Expressions of Positivity: #AutismPositivity2014. I’m entirely certain I don’t need another writing project in my life right now, but here it is – … Continue reading

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What Makes Autism Worth Having

Julia Bascom has a blog post, “The Obsessive Joy of Autism,” which I love and to which I’ve linked repeatedly.  Her post should be read in its entirety. The lines in Julia’s post that I keep coming back to, and … Continue reading

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The other day, I was tweeting about this question of “can the (autistic) subaltern speak?” when one thing hit me that hadn’t occurred to me before: If I’m going down this road, I have to be professionally “out” about my … Continue reading

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Professor Tiresias Posts Midterm Grades

After a hyper-efficient round of grading, my students’ midterm grades have been released into the wild.  And I feel like old blind Tiresias. I feel this way at the midpoint of every semester.  Based on their performance to date, I … Continue reading

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