In Praise of the Electric Lawn Mower

I have had a revelation and it is the electric lawn mower. Let me back up. For several years, I’ve planned to buy an electric lawn mower “as soon as my current one dies.” My gas mower is about ten years old at this point. It no longer starts without copious amounts of starter fluid…More


Predatory Inflation Drove Me to Making My Own Crackers

I tried to buy a box of crackers yesterday. The cheapest available option for crackers I can actually eat was $9.69 for a 4.5-ounce box. No, none of those decimals are misplaced. That’s more than twice what crackers cost me two years ago. It’s also more than I’m willing to pay for a box of…More

ChatGPT is Bad at Writing, Full Stop

It’s happened, folks. I have been ChatGPTsplained. The unpleasant exchange took place on a social media site whose name I shan’t mention. It went something like this (paraphrased): Me: Working on a white paper this morning, which prompted me to shake my cane and yell at capitalism [link] Them: Get ChatGPT to give you a…More